Christmas homedecorating ideas

Cosy and rustic is defenitely my taste concerning homedecoration. That is way I like to add little pillows to a base that consists of wood. That can be a wooden box, wooden table, etc. Fur adds warmth to your furniture. That is way I like to use fur blankets to complete my home decoration. Hanging […]


A new #makeover was necessary to my room. I had my old bedroomfurniture for more than ten years. This bedroomfurniture moved three times to diffrent houses. So at the end it lost the strenght and was fallen apart. Ten years it was in my life. In this ten years a lot happened in my life. […]


Hi guys, I am here with some inspirational ideas for your homes. Todays topic is organic interior, what is my favorite! I like to hike sundays to clear my mind and to get inspired by nature. Sometimes I collect branches, twigs, nuts, pinecones and bring it into my home. I like to give those items […]


hi guys, I am so excited about this post! I put a lot of effort in my livingroom makeover and I am so proud of it. The whole thing is done by me, and when I say the whole thing I also mean the whole thing : painting the walls, the diy projects, the design. I painted […]