A new #makeover was necessary to my room. I had my old bedroomfurniture for more than ten years. This bedroomfurniture moved three times to diffrent houses. So at the end it lost the strenght and was fallen apart. Ten years it was in my life. In this ten years a lot happened in my life. I married, got divorced, got my baby, graduated from college, struggeled with finding a job, worked at places that I hated. Now starting a new year, I decided to thank the furniture for the many great years and to start over with a clean white painted room and to buy a new bed and a new closet and to diy the little things that bring coziness to the bedroom. Lampshades can be expensive. So I made my own diy lampshade from jute twine. It is a natural product and adds to my room the perfect cozy twist. Do you like this idea?