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When you are an single mom and you have to work fulltime, do the householding, and take some time to spend with your child, I can tell you for sure that free time with my thoughts is a luxury.

So, when I have an hour to chill, I like it to do in style. I like to make tea, burn some candles and serve it on a wooden tray. This is my way to relax and spend some time with my thoughts, especially on a cold winter day. I can really enjoy of cosy winter days. When I hold up the cup of tea and breathe in the fruity scent all the negative thoughts disappear and I can organize my thoughts.

I think about the fun things that happened in my life, my goals that I want to reach, the things that I like to change in my life.

Let me know in the comments what you prefer to do to relax your body and head. How does your scenario of cosy winter days look like?



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