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Hi guys,

Today I am approaching you with a very excited diy project that I created. I decided to start spring with a lot of color and flower patterns. Everywhere I go, all the stores that I enter, all I see is pink and turquoise. This combination of colors is very hot at the moment. I am just in love with this combination of colors. It brings me immediatly in a positive mood and makes me super creative. So I decided to invite my family to my home and to organize a springbreakfast with a table arrangement that involves a lot of pink and turquoise.

So in this post I will show you a diy project that takes 2 minutes of your time to make it. This diy is going to make your table arrangement look like heaven! I am telling you, if you do this diy and you invite some guests, they will refuse to leave your house! Solution: get mentally ready to kick them out after breakfast hahahaha !

This is what you need for this diy:

  • two large plates with flower pattern (mine is pink and turquoise)
  • a pink candlestick
  • gluegun


Stay tuned: tomorrow I am going to show you what I am going to do with this amazing diy project! And how my entire table looked like during breakfast!



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