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Hi guys,
I promised you last time to do a #part 2 for spring breakfast. And to show you my table arrangement with the etagère that i made my self. If you did not have seen the post where I make the etagère, you can click here  and go to the post where i show step by step how you can make this gorgeous etagère  for spring breakfast.
If you look for some inpiration ideas for spring  or Easter and you have people that are coming over and you want to impress them with something that looks inviting and homy and you are not sure how to decorate the etagère, hell ya, welcome to this post and get ready for some creative ideas!
Macarons do not only taste like heaven, they also look incredible cute and festive. I like them so much because they are so small and delicate to eat. You have to take little bites and every little piece melts in your mouth. The combination of macarons and passionfruits on top of your etagère looks incredible. I poured some pink sand in a glass and placed little spoons in it. Arranged it on top of the etagère in the middle, and placed some pink candles arround.  The colorful macarons, the exotic passionfruits, the pink sand with the spoons and the candles that smell like spring, make the whole picture look like heaven and too precious to eat.
The bottom part of the etagère I filled with bread that comes fresh from the oven and with eggs. Easy, but looks eye catching right?
I am closing this post, but this is not the end of spring breakfast! There is a last part that I like to show you. That will be for Wednesday.
I hope I inspired you with this post, if you recreate my springbreakfast ideas, please send me some pictures. I really like to see them. You can send it to my mailbox: meiklokje188@gmail.com. I like to do a post with your diys and to show them to the world.
hugs and kisses :))

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