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hi guys,

Hopefully you had all a nice Valentinesday?

It such a nice holiday to celebrate the ones you love. So my biggest love and passion is decorating my house. So I am presenting you my love of this year:  diy valentine home decoration 2017 , it is  a lovely basket with pure white branches decorated with christmaslights and pink hearts.

Here are the steps to follow for the diy valentine basket:

  1. Collect branches during a hike in the forest or parc.
  2. Buy white paint and a brush, cover your table or floor with newspaper.  Lay out the branches on the newspaper. And paint the branches one by one white. Every time you paint a branch, put it in the basket so it can dry. When you are finished with all your branches, let it dry for a day.
  3. Next day you are extremely excited because your branches are dry and ready to be decorated. So buy some wooden hearts and paint them pink. Every time you paint a heart, hang it on one of the branches.
  4. Put some Christmas lights in the middle of the basket and spread it out over the branches.
  5. Place the basket on a sidetable or a stand. And place it in the corner of your living room. Mine is standing in the right corner of my living room beside my couch.



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