DIY giant pompon/window painting with toothpaste

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Hi, welcome back to another post of new diy ideas.
This one is all about Christmas decorations and epic ideas that you may or may not thougt about, but definitely worth it trying at home.


So the first idea is Christmas window painting. And for this DIY you have all the necessaries at home. What you need is toothpaste and  a Christmas stencil. If you don’t have a stencil at home, you can easily make this at your one. Print some epic Christmas figures from the internet, cut it out, and there you go, you made your own Chritmas stencil. Keep the stencil with one hand against the window and color it in with toothpaste with the other hand. I like this DIY so much! It is so easy and fast to make and looks amazing, right?!!

Use some toothpaste and make-up pads
this is how the result looks like
When you are ready, wait till santa comes ! haha 🙂



This giant pompom that I use as a throw up pillow on my couch, is definitely  getting  a lot of attention!

Okay now, this one takes more time to make but when you are ready, you get an amazing feeling of satisfaction. And it gives your bed or couch an extra touch. It definitely catches the eye of my guests. They always ask how I made it. So, my advice: try this at home at you will not regret it!

For the giant pompom you will need: woolen yarn and two pieces of cardboard.

This is how the giant pompom looks like when you are finished
you will need 2 pieces of cardboard
you will need yarn
place the 2 cardboards on top of each other and roll the yarn through the hole
keep rolling till it looks like this
cut the yarn
you will need another piece of yarn to tie the pompom
tie the pompom
release the cardboard
trim pieces of yarn that are longer till the pillow is round

Watch the video: DIY giant pompon/window painting with toothpaste











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