Review washing machine AEG L7FB60Y – 7000 serie – ProSteam

That was the moment, my old Whirlpool washing machine needed to be replaced. This after just 5 years. So no Whirlpool washing machine anymore. Especially after the recent reports of smoldering machines and the short life span of my current one. After reading a few positive reviews, I went for the AEG L7FB60Y. Below my own findings.

For my convenience, I ordered the washing machine online. My choice was with I had opted for Saturday delivery. Then I was home;)
And indeed on Saturday around 2 pm the bell rang.
2 men were there with the machine. After some dragging, they placed the machine perfectly in place. They even took the old ones. I immediately connected the machine with impatience.
Because there was already a mountain.


Informatie Specificatie
Trommel capaciteit: 8 Kg
Centrifugeren: 1600 tpm
Energieklasse: A+++ -30%
Jaarverbruik: € 31,- (137 kWh)

Rear connections:

Initial findings:

The first thing I noticed was the ease of operation. With the large button you can easily control everything. There are also some touch screen options that you can change by touching the screen.

The machine has a large opening and a large washing drum of no less than 8 kg. Which is handy. With my old machine I can only handle 5 kg. The only drawback is that a wash takes more than 3 hours. This is due to the heat pump. It takes a longer time to get up to temperature and yet it is a lot more economical. After all, the machine gives an A +++ label.

How to maintain?

The only filter I see is below. Almost every washing machine has this.
There you can find the trash, I usually find pennies there too. It opens easily.
There is a self-cleaning program for the drum to keep the machine clean. This kills bacteria and fungi.

Conclusion on the L7FB60Y

Very good machine price / quality. Many possibilities.

The steam function works well to freshen up your clothes. Clothes come out clean and almost wrinkle-free. The machine is very quiet. Big difference with my old machine.

There are, however, also minor negatives.

Especially the long washing time due to the ECO function takes some getting used to.

In short, I am very satisfied with it and is recommended if you are looking for a good washing machine.

Do you want to order the washing machine? I have ordered them cheaply through

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