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Hi guys,
Welcome back to Lillyscozyhome. Todays tutorial has three parts. I will start showing you how you can create this wet hair look.

It is still summer and I am enjoying the last summer evenings, so I am going to show you how you can create a summer evening makeup look. This look is very natural, I am not using any coverage on my face. I just came  back from the beach and like you can see I already have a nice color and I don’t want to wash away this sun kissed look with some foundation. So like you can see this is a natural makeup slash summer makeup tutorial.

And when the hair is done, the makeup is done, you just have to pick up a nice dress to finish off the complete look. So here I am wearing those leather sandals that have a wooden block heel. Wooden block heels are so fashionable this summer and very comfortable. And I am also wearing a evening dress that has a snake print, a nice cleavage and the dress length comes just under my knees.

So let’s jump in to this tutorial and see how you can create this look.

I am starting with the wet hair look tutorial. To have nice results your hair must be completely wet. I came just from the shower and washed first my hair with some good hair conditioner to make my hair sleek.
The first product that I use is hairoil. It is all the same wich brand you use. If you don’t have hairoil at home. You can even use some olive oil. Rub the oil into your hair, and don’t forget your hair points.
Next product that I use is hairmask. The one I use is from Garnier and has a sweet scent, smells like nuts. This hairmask is my favorite at the moment and I also really like the packaging. If you are interested wich hair conditioner I use, I like to inform you that it is the same brand and has also the same scent
The third product is hair mousse, I like the one from Nivea. I am using strong or extra strong mousse. Use a big amount of the mousse for a long lasting sleek effect. It keeps your curls in place. Go with your fingers through your hair, to shape the waves in your hair and give it more volume. And here we are, this is the final result of your wet hair look. We have finished the wet hair look tutorial, and now we are starting with the summer makeup tutorial/natural makeup tutorial.

I am not using any foundation in this tutorial. Like I said in the preview, I just want to refine my sun kissed glow on my face and look natural and fresh. I am using facial oil to give my face that extra glow. If you don’t have any facial oil at home. You can use olive oil, it is even bether. It is all natural. Apply the oil on your face and wipe it out with a cotton pad. This step makes your face smooth and removes at the same time all the dirth from your face. Don’t forget to wipe out the eye area. The oil cathes light and makes your eyes bright. Next step is facial cream. I am using one with pomegranate. For summer I like to use creams based on fruits.  Use your both hands to apply the cream on your face and rub the cream in your face. Let us take a look, oh yes, I am glowing.  To add some extra glow on my eyes, I am using sparkling white eyeshadow. I am applying the eyeshadow on my eyelids and under my eyes. I am using a curler to curl my eyelashes and give my eyes more volume. Curled eyelashes make your eyes look open. To have a nice curling result you have to wait a few seconds when you press your eyelashes between the curler. When you achieved the desired curling result, now you can use mascara to make your eyelashes even longer and to fix the curling result. I like to do my upper and lower eyelashes. After this step I like to use black eyeliner. The black eyeliner forms your eyes and gives a mysterious look. I like to wing the eyeliner out, it makes your eyes sexy looking. And when it is evening and I am on holiday, I like to look exotic, so I am adding three dots in the outside corner of my eyes. To finish the summer evening makeup look, I am applying black eyeschadow to the outside corners of my eyes. The final result is that you like like a sexy kitty cat, ready to conquer the world with your eyes. Red blush makes you look healthy, so add some of this on your cheeks. And now the finishing step, add some lipgloss, I prefer the color raspberry. Raspberry tastes amazing and fresh in summer and looks great on the lips.
This was it for this tutorial. I hope it was useful for you and if you like more videos like this let me know in the comments. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, it would mean a lot to me to have some faithfull followers who are interested in my content. Many thanks for watching. Kisses and hugs and I see you next week.

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