If you could describe your favourite place, what would it be?

Tropical paradises with clean blue water and white sand beaches. A woman can dream.

But besides that, do you have a favourite place that inspires you each time you go and gives you the best creative ideas and is just a heaven of knickknacks. Mine is action. It is a very affordable store with cute decoration ornaments for your house.

If you come to Belgium, and you seek for cute knickknacks to decorate your house with, you definitely need to visit this store.

If you know me a little bit, you probably know that I am a huge candle lover. My favourite fragrance is cinnamon apple. But this is something more for fall and winter. So I was looking for a new smell to try for summer and found this adorable candle in the action.

The watermelon candle is now officially my favourite fragrance. It smells so good! I really like the idea of this candle. The jar is just perfection. When the candle burns out. You can wash the jar and use it for summer drinks. You can cut some fruit and store it in the jar to take to school or work. I really like the idea of the jar that comes with a cover.

What is your favourite candle fragrance? Do you have different fragrances for summer and winter?