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Hi guys,

I am here with some inspirational ideas for your homes. Todays topic is organic interior, what is my favorite! I like to hike sundays to clear my mind and to get inspired by nature. Sometimes I collect branches, twigs, nuts, pinecones and bring it into my home. I like to give those items a little twist and give it a place in my home.

Here are my favorite organic interior diys that i made so far.

The best thing is that those branches are reusable! For the moment I am using the branches for Valentine, but very soon when Easter comes, I am going to reuse the branches and twigs, and I am going to hang some cool eastereggs and flowers. I already have some awesome ideas! So stay tuned because soon I am going to do an new diy project for Easter. Are you also so excited as I am? :))))


Here is me during a sunday hike clearing my mind.


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