Healthy ice cream ideas

Ice cream contains a lot of sugar and is bad for your body. But it can be so refreshing during hot days. How to make fancy ice cream that is healthy, refreshing and certainly Instagram worthy? What you need is ice cream forms and watermelon. Cut the watermelon in two halves. Take a spoon and […]

Summer fragrances and yummy candles

If you could describe your favourite place, what would it be? Tropical paradises with clean blue water and white sand beaches. A woman can dream. But besides that, do you have a favourite place that inspires you each time you go and gives you the best creative ideas and is just a heaven of knickknacks. […]

Healthy and easy food ideas

I don’t know what about you, but after forty hour a week working, I don’t feel like to stand beside the stove and invite recipes that take a lot of time to make. That is way I like to share my tips and tricks to stay healthy and to put almost no time to prepare […]

#gourmet jam

I am really excited about those diffrent tastes of jam. Those are gourmet jams and taste deliscious in the morning during breakfast on some white bread with buther or during high tea in the late afternoon when you enjoy your break after you accomplished some hard work. Gourmet jam is for those who are a […]


  When you are an single mom and you have to work fulltime, do the householding, and take some time to spend with your child, I can tell you for sure that free time with my thoughts is a luxury. So, when I have an hour to chill, I like it to do in style. […]

Christmas homedecorating ideas

Cosy and rustic is defenitely my taste concerning homedecoration. That is way I like to add little pillows to a base that consists of wood. That can be a wooden box, wooden table, etc. Fur adds warmth to your furniture. That is way I like to use fur blankets to complete my home decoration. Hanging […]

Christmas table setting

During Christmas and New Year I took a couple of days off of work to spend some time on my hobbies. I did a lot of shopping and bought this wonderful dinnerset. I really love the diffrent schades of the plates and the special shape. I like how the colors match my wooden table. What […]


A new #makeover was necessary to my room. I had my old bedroomfurniture for more than ten years. This bedroomfurniture moved three times to diffrent houses. So at the end it lost the strenght and was fallen apart. Ten years it was in my life. In this ten years a lot happened in my life. […]


          Hi guys, Welcome back to Lillyscozyhome. Todays tutorial has three parts. I will start showing you how you can create this wet hair look. It is still summer and I am enjoying the last summer evenings, so I am going to show you how you can create a summer evening […]


Hi y’all, I was just thinking about life, how all kind of shit happens and makes you sad. But on the other hand, when you believe in life, pleasant things happen too. So I like to share with you guys, one unexpected story that happened to me. I was on a hike with my son on […]


Hi guys, This is part 3 of spring breakfast series. In this post I will show you how you can make yarn balls. Follow the steps below. For my spring breakfast I used pink and turquoise colors for the table arrangement. It is such a lovely combination for spring. Therefor I used pink and turquoise raffia […]