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Hi guys,

So for todays post I am going to inspire you with some funny pictures and give you some tips and tricks how to make hiking in a forest or parc more fun! So this is what you can do on a cold winter day, during your hike in the forest.

First tip is when you hike look around for some exciting nature elements where you can take amazing pictures! I found this ivy that was hanging there ready to take a picture, and this tree stump that was calling my name. So I went closer and took a little nap, because let be serieus  here. Hiking can be quite tiring. Then when you come home, you start watching the pictures that you took. If you are really bored, you can think of animals that are similar to you, haha. What I did of course!

The end result of “what to do on a cold winter day ” is that you had your exercise during the hike and probably lost some weight, and took some exciting pictures that you posted on instagram and got many likes. That is what I call a priceless day!:)))

Leave your comments below and let me know what you do on a cold winter day?

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