Hi y’all,

I was just thinking about life, how all kind of shit happens and makes you sad. But on the other hand, when you believe in life, pleasant things happen too. So I like to share with you guys, one unexpected story that happened to me.

I was on a hike with my son on the beach. Believe me when I say that the North Sea is boring. The weather  in Belgium sucks, the color of the sea is something between grey and brown. When the sun shines for a day, that is a happy moment. We don’t have a lot of hot days, lie down on the beach and bake like a chicken on the spit. So when the sun shines for a day that is quite an exciting day. So I was on a hike with my son on the North Sea beach, when something exotic happened. It was low tide, and there it was, in perfect shape , half buried in the sand, a little seastar peeped trough the sand. It was so small and had a orange colour. It was the most perfect thing that I saw for a long time. It was the most cute thing ever. I just wanted to eat it up! So to end the story, unexpected things do happen in life, sometimes they are unpleasant and sometimes they just amaze you and stay engraved in your memory for ever!

What unexpected things happened to you. Leave your story in the comments, I love to read it.


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