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hi guys,

I am so excited about this post! I put a lot of effort in my livingroom makeover and I am so proud of it. The whole thing is done by me, and when I say the whole thing I also mean the whole thing : painting the walls, the diy projects, the design. I painted the walls pure white and went with the theme:white, grey and pink. So I am presenting you my hometour.

We start with this picture.  The sidetable was a diy project of mine. What you need to make this sidetable is: an old vase that is heavy, white paint, a brush, hot gluegun, treetrunk. You start by painting the vase white and let it dry for a night. Then you turn it over. The wide side has to be on the ground, that makes that your sidetable is solid and is not going to waggle. Then you take your gluegun and you are going to hot glue the top of the vase as quickly as possible and put the threetrunk on top of the vase. When you are done you can put candles on your sidetable or other things by your choice.


This is the television area. The twigs that are peeping on the left side  of the television is  also a diy project of mine. I collected some branches and twigs and painted them white, I used nails and wire to attach them to the ceiling, hung some lights and pink wooden flowers in the twigs and it looks like this.

This is how the living room looks like. On the right side of my television I hung some drops made of glass and filled them with the succulent plant. The succulent plant is very fashionable at the moment. I think because you don’t have to give much water to the plant, and that is so awesome. I always forget to give water to my plants. Let me know in the comments if you do too? I used this wooden basket (on the left side) to hide the cables of my television, and decorated them with pillows to make it  more cozy. I think the pink pillows just pop out of the picture. I like them so much! On the right side: the wooden branches with pink hearts hanging on it, also a diy project of mine. And it looks so great in that corner of my house!

In front of my television is this sitting area, in the corner also a side table with a pink table cloth and white branches with diffrent hearts that I also made by my self.

What do you think of this makeover? Let me know in the comments.



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